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Doubled-ridged toothless


HTTYD 2 / Love


"Don't worry, bud. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you."


How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Official Trailers

└ Hiccup & Astrid

Alright, the challenge is upon us


Hey everyone, let’s see if we can get this going.  I have a fun jokey storyboard panel that was turned in from Season 1 that our board artist Douglas Lovelace drew.  It’s total Hiccstrid/Asscup and will make anyone who pairs these 2, immensely happy.  I will only post it, if this note finally gets me to a 1000 note target!  Can you do it? Can you reblog and like to get us to 1000 so I can share the majesty of this wonderous artifact? 


Here’s an awesome group picture of John Powell, Dean Deblois, Jónsi, Bonnie Arnold, and Cressida Cowell at the Abbey Road studios!

Looks like they’re done recording the instruments for HTTYD2’s score!


The First Song from the new HTTYD 2 Trailer. Spoiler Alert, ITS GORGEOUS.


A summery of the trailer